Premonitory dreams


Premonitory dreams (one of the most interesting types of dreams ) are perhaps a more advanced level of our psyche, in which the brain works for such a real idea that it is capable of materializing in real life.

Premonitory dreams

Most of us have ordinary dreams, we usually dream of facts that turn out to be familiar to us because they are memories or situations of daily life. It is also true that there are very rare dreams where fantasy becomes the protagonist of all these imaginative events, however, we already know that this happens in our life precisely in order to expand our mind, because despite the fact that our awakened thinking It can be square, our subconscious can become very oblique or versatile when it comes to dreaming.

Defining it with certainty can be very difficult, but some parameters can guide you. Here we go:

1. How do you feel when you wake up

If you have had a true premonition in dreams, you will surely continue to have that hunch upon awakening. That feeling that “this was not just a dream.”

In those cases, the first thing you should do would be to find out the meaning of your dream. Well, sometimes, premonitions are not manifested literally, but through different metaphors.

2. The type of dream

There are some common dreams that are often linked to premonitions. For example, if you dream of someone falling down an elevator shaft, that dreams of predicting the end of a romantic relationship.

Dreaming of catastrophes, accidents, and tragedies is also often very common when it comes to premonitions.

3. If you appear in the dream

Although this is not determinative, the person with the premonition usually does not appear in the dream. In reality, he sees things from the outside, in a very vivid way, but without participating in what happens.

This is usually a clear sign that a dream is premonitory, since in normal dreams the participation of the one who dreams is more common.

4. If you have already had premonitory dreams

In general, people who have premonitory dreams have more than one throughout their lives. Since he possibly has a special gift to anticipate the facts from dreams.

So if you’ve had a premonition before, you’re more likely to have one now.

These are just some of the guidelines that can determine if a dream has been premonitory, although the truth will only be known with certainty if the dream is reproduced in reality.

Having premonitory dreams is a gift that not everyone has

Premonitory dreams

Premonitory dreams show future events and situations. Many experts have mentioned that not all people can have them and the small number of subjects who have them or at least, who manage to interpret their meaning to decipher the message, possess the grace of clairvoyance, which is why they affirm that having premonitory dreams is a Don.

In your hands they have the power to partially change the events of your life, because you have already seen what will happen in your dreams.